Engaging your people with our app customised for your organisation, collecting opinions and quantitative data easily . 'In 2021, the number of monthly active smartphone users is projected to reach 55.08 million individuals' ( www.statista.com May 2017)

Needing opinions and engagement of your people? Your service users, staff, customers – or all of them?

People’s opinions are not only important but vital to an organisation that wants to improve its quality of service, increase business, raise levels of staff and customer satisfaction and engage people in the process long term.

’38 million people have smart phones in the UK, a figure expected to rise to 47.9m by 2020′ and ‘86% of UK mobile users have smart phones’ [source: raconteur.net Nov 2016]

‘Traditional’ approaches are expensive and don’t work effectively

There are low returns via questionnaires, on-line surveys and interviews, even with incentives like prize draws.

People don’t have the time to respond to online surveys or be stopped in the street. They have doubts about what the data is for, whether they will be anonymous and therefore reluctant to give honest and open views, if they will give any views at all.

The questions are not seen to be for their benefit and as they don’t hear the results or the actions taken, they are reluctant to respond to further questions and surveys.

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter offer ways of gathering views, but are not anonymous and not frequently used by many people.

A customised version of Opinioneer for your organisation will address these issues and engage your people effectively.

The Solution

Opinioneer is an engagement tool that utilises a smart phone/ tablet ‘app’, designed to increase the number of people engaged by gaining opinions easily, quickly, cheaply and frequently.

The app is free to those from whom views are sought and easily downloaded from a link. The app is created uniquely for the organisation which sends out the link by email to those they wish to engage with but the user retains their anonymity throughout.

Questions are sent periodically and each question takes less than a few seconds to answer. Uniquely, when questions ‘close’ after say 24 hours, all users with the app receive the overall % results, and then they all get ‘feedback’ as to what the organisation intends to do as a result of the views expressed.

By acting effectively to the opinions expressed the organisation encourages an ongoing process of improvement and a rolling process of engagement, benefitting not only the organisation, but also the customers, service users and staff.

Find out more

Find out more

To find out more about how Opinioneer can benefit your business or organisation, please get in touch with us.