Return on Investment

Opinioneer offers a very cost effective way of engaging your service users, employers and customers. There are  substantial cost savings compared to the traditional surveys and research, but with much higher response rates and the added value of being able to be used more frequently at little extra cost. 

Its value is that it engages more people, more frequently and provides an opportunity for the organisation to be even more dynamic in shaping its services or products.

The engagement process will help develop ongoing communication and tailor services more effectively to meet needs. In the case of staff, issues can be identified earlier so limiting damage caused to the organisation by low morale  and staff turnover.


The app is free to download but the organisation that wants to ask questions will pay an initial set up fee and then an annual licence.

The set up fee provides  a unique ‘Opinioneer’ app for your  organisation in both Apple and Google Play stores. This fee includes logos wording, demographics, fonts, and colours.

We can send your questions and provide advice as to the most effective way of doing this.  

Costs can be reduced however if you use a dashboard for your customised app. We will provide free training for this easy to use dashboard, and support if necessary.

Find out more

To find out more about how Opinioneer can benefit your business or organisation, please get in touch with us.